The Imaginarium of the Mr. Beaty

Ja mein name is Morgan.
- Am part german/english/irish.

-I graduated from MTSU

-I am actually 25

- I majored in Photography

- I love chinese food

- I have forbidden love for jdm.Dream car: Nissan Skyline GTR or Nissan Silvia
-Also i cant leave out Mini, VW and Audi.

- Am a movie freak, i have more movies then books and clothes combined ha


A quick look at some of the wondrous work in robotics done by Festo.


Engineering Company Festo Is Creating Robots Based On Nature

German engineering firm Festo is creating a robot army. Sounds scary, right? But there’s no need to fear a “Skynet”-type apocalypse quite yet, because these robots want to do good by making laborious tasks easier in the factories of the future. And they’re using nature as their inspiration.

Festo summarizes the motivation behind their research on their website: “Gripping, moving, controlling and measuring – nature performs all of these tasks instinctively, easily and efficiently. What could be more logical than to examine these natural phenomena and learn from them?”

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